Best bratwurst in Zurich at Sternen Grill – the most delicious Swiss fast food

I have visited Zurich once before, and the first thing I did from the airport last week was head to Sternen Grill. It is the legendary spot for the best bratwurst – the St. Galler bratwurst from St. Gallen, Switzerland. It is a veal bratwurst with mild flavor and the perfect crunchy bite. It is wrapped in plain white paper for effortless eating. It is dipped in a spicy Dijon that awakens the taste buds. You eat the bread the special Buurli bread or roll on the side. Some claim the Buurli is the best around – even more special than the bratwurst. All I know is grab a pint to go with the brat and be so thankful for your arrival in Zurich.

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