Magical view from atop Mt. Battie

My Dad’s Cousin Sally kept raving about the beauty of Mt. Battie. She has spent a lot of time camping and traveling throughout Maine. So I made it point to visit it during our road trip. Mt Battie is located inside Camden Hills State Park. We decided to spend the night camping with the dogs. So we got our spot and cord of wood for our campfire that night. We traveled up the winding road to check out the Mt. Battie view. It was stunning. A bird’s eye view of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay below. Tourists were posing among the rocks looking for the most picturesque spot to land a shot. Chris and I decided to come back to see the sunrise the next morning.



We settled in for the night enjoying the crackling fire and sounds of the woods. The dogs loved it!


We set our alarms so not to miss the main event. We made coffee and drove back to the top. To our surprise we were the only ones there when we arrived. We grabbed our chairs and waited for the magic to begin. The beauty, surrounding views, and tranquility of the spot will never be forgotten. The video gives a glimpse of the sunrise to brighten your day.


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