Rugged beauty and blueberry pancakes in Pemaquid Point

Pemaquid Point is at the end of another scenic peninsula we discovered on our Maine road trip. My Dad’s cousin Sally and her husband were in town for the family reunion. They loved Pemaquid and wanted to show us some of their favorite spots. We met them for dinner one night in New Harbor at Shaw’s Fish and Lobster Wharf. We had the dogs and snagged a picnic table on the deck overlooking the harbor. We ordered platters of fried seafood and cold beer. There was a local band playing and plenty of people were dancing and swaying to the lively playlist.

In Pemaquid we did not find a dog friendly hotel. However, their was a cozy campground we checked into to spend the night. Most of the campgrounds have a fire pit so we set up the lawn chairs and built a crackling fire while the dogs chilled on our laps.


Next morning we headed to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse was built in 1835 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It was foggy and drizzly but still romantic at the same time.

F7B60659-852E-4EA0-8CD9-5B1C46F5AF84The waves were crashing on the rocks and the seagulls seemed to enjoy the misty air. Our dogs Hannah and Harley couldn’t help but bark at the gulls. The video shows the rugged beauty of the coast.

The restaurant at the Point is named The Seagull. They are known for their wild Maine blueberry pancakes. We sat outside with the dogs in the fog and ate a stack and kept warm with mugs of strong coffee.







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