Hawaii – The Magical Island of Oahu

I am fortunate. I have friends in Hawaii. Friends that I visit whenever I get a chance. It is a fantasy second home for my husband and I. It is a place we like to celebrate special occasions. But in reality it is a place that always pulls at our heart strings. A siren in our ear saying this is where you belong. Maybe some day we will move there – only time will tell. I have wanted to blog on my recent trip to Hawaii for weeks. We just were involved in a home move and that wasn’t possible. We went to celebrate my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. We also wanted to honor and memorialize our parents who just passed away recently at the Floating Lantern ceremony that occurs on Memorial Day in Honolulu. The most memorable food is in unassuming local stands serving island standards such as the freshest poke or the most flavorful bowl of Vietnamese pho, or garlic shrimp at the North Shore shrimp trucks. Life is spent at the beach drinking in the scenery that is just too breathtaking to believe it is real. Street life in Waikiki is hectic, but full of energy that is unique to this Pacific gem. The locals are full of pride in their heritage and showing off their true Aloha spirit. I just want to share the pictures of this paradise that I so enjoyed capturing. The most recent trip was a month ago – but in my mind it is always present. I also had dinner tonight in Chicago with two lovely friends from Oahu Christine and Lonnie that inspired me to share my images from Hawaii even if it is a month or more late. Mahalo.



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