A day trip to Appenzell – rolling hills, cows, cheese,yodeling, and public square voting

Appenzell in the northeast corner of Switzerland is a very charming, traditional town. There are intricately painted murals on buildings. The metal signs attached to each building are ornate and hint to what is inside. I found myself always gazing up to catch all the dazzling sights along the rooflines.

The people of Appenzell are very traditional – something unique is the townspeople gather once a year in the square to discuss and vote on the matters of the day. They are required to be at the outdoor meeting by law.
A very hands on democracy.
Appenzell is known for it seasonal migration of the cows up into the hills for summer and back down again for winter. They are herded wearing their very colorful cowbells. Yodeling is very popular in this region.
And then there is cheese. The world famous Appenzeller cheese. It is a nutty cows milk cheese. The cheese is sometimes bathed in wine. We stopped for a cheesy lunch at the Hotel Santis.
I started with a interesting cheese soup made with beer. Then we shared and sampled some local favorites.
An Appenzell style macaroni with fried crispy onions
Cheese and onion quiche
And lastly a Swiss version of a baked cheese sandwich reminding me very much of the French Croque Monsieur.
We ended our day with coffee on the very sunny terrace.

Appenzell is a town steeped in tradition, with interesting customs, and of course all that wonderful cheese. Makes me want to yodel…

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