Take a detour to Menfi and to Vittorio’s

Menfi is a town I went to because of Vittorio’s. I am so glad that I did. It is a sleepy, for a week or longer, beach town on the south coast of Sicily – about 40 miles or so outside Agrigento. I have to admit I went there for the alluring coastal Ristorante with rave reviews. I left feeling I could spend a summer here with the best Sicily has to offer. In the beginning they didn’t seem to have a record of our reservation. I nervously went to my travel folder with documentation for both a one night stay and most import

antly our dinner reservation at 8:00 PM. Quickly the confusion was resolved. The rooms here are comfortable with no frills. However, as soon as you sit down on the terrace gazing at the sea, any worries disappear. You notice families enjoying both the surf and conversation. Vittorio’s is a seafood restaurant that excels both in food and service. The tuna carpaccio was the best ever – period. Simply prepared with just a liberal seasoning of salt and the highest quality of olive oil. The spaghetti with shrimp and finely ground pistachios, the Sicilian salad, the fritto misto, the roulades of swordfish, the semifreddo for dessert. Then you wake up for breakfast.. Vittorio and his wife make a side trip to Menfi certainly worth the foodie destination that it has certainly deserved.

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