Heaven in a sandwich in Scopello

The Pane Cunzato could ruin you for life. That is unless you pull up stakes and move immediately to Scopello. A charming town filled with warm and passionate people located about an hour outside of Palermo. The culinary treasure of Scopello is the Pane Cunzato. A humble sandwich made of eight simple ingredients – ripe heavenly tomatoes, cheese, salt, pepper, oregano,golden olive oil, and just a kiss of anchovy. I was hesitant about the anchovy, but it adds just the slightest hint of briny undertones that makes this sandwich so memorable. The best place in town to get it is Panificio di Stabile e Anselmo.You find it by walking through the main square down a path when you see their sign Forno Alegno Pane Cunzato. Make a right, and you will smell the special crusty bread that are the base of these beauties. A lovely terrace awaits you to enjoy your Pane Cunzato under a shady tree. I met the owners, Mama and her son. I told them we loved their sandwiches. Mama said next time I come for dinner at her house. That is a invitation someday I would love to gladly accept.

Panificio di Stabile e Anselmo
Via Galluppi 5 Scopello

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