Palermo- Different than you expected

When traveling you can have expectations of a destination that don’t match up with reality. Palermo, mafia, crime, big Sicilian city. I couldn’t be more pleasantly surprised with the reasons I could go back to spend time here to discover the treasure this diverse city had to offer. The reasons to go are so many. Let’s just start by saying passionate people and super affordable prices, and seafood that rivals Venice or the Amalfi coast. Then there is the Unesco Heritage site Monreale. Marionette shows, beautiful public gardens, fountains, and orchestral performances in the afternoon. This happens in just one day. Can you imagine more time spent?

Butera 28 – Self catering apartments in the heart of Kalsa district Via Butera 28

Cafes, Trattorias, Ristorantes

La Cambusa – Piazza Marina 16

Caffe Spinnato – Via Príncipe di Belmonte 107

I Cuochini – Snack shop specializing in arancini, suppli, panelle
Via Ruggero Septima 68

Trattoria di Salvo – street side fish trattoria
Via Torremuzza 28


International Puppet Museum Piazza Antonio Pasqualino 5

Duomo di Monreale – Piazza Guglielmo II, Monreale (20 minutes outside of Palermo)

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