Take a early morning swim and enjoy blissful solitude in the crystal clear waters of Salina

One reward for being an early bird in Pollara on the Sicilian island of Salina is having the countryside and crystal clear sea all to yourself. My husband Chris and I felt recharged after a great night’s sleep and decided to take a hike and swim first thing in the morning. We were able to hike down to the swimming cove without a local or tourist in sight. We could hear every chirp, rustle, and gurgle along the way. It felt like we had this slice of paradise all to ourselves. An invigorating walk and climb down a few hundred steps led us to our reward. Crystal clear water to refresh in and a well positioned rope to grab onto to navigate the slippery rock. Once we climbed back up top, the mopeds were arriving for the day family and friends in tow. This was a way better start to our day than the usual cappuccino..

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