The artistry of the sandwich at market in Ortygia

The market in Ortygia is filled with all kinds of enticing fruits, vegetables, wine, and cheese. However, when you see the queue for sandwiches at Caseificio Borderi – you’ve found the right place. You will see an artist at work creating individual masterpieces for each customer. He will create a sandwich for each according to his whim. My panini started with olive oil, dried oregano, grated local cheese, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, chopped radicchio, romaine, watercress, mint. He added fresh prosciutto, homemade mozzarella and ricotta. A squeeze of lemon and my hand tailored sandwich is ready to feed about three people for the bargain price of 5 Euro. The guy takes his time and takes about 10 minutes per sandwich. Yet be patient and you will taste one of the freshest tastiest sandwiches ever..

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