Sicily is like a great cup of coffee.


Sicily has been on my travel bucket list for years. It has intrigued me with its myriad of cultural influences from the Greeks, Spanish, Normans, Africans. I am thrilled to wake up to start my new journey in its vibrant city of Palermo. Palermo is loud, lively, and filled with delicious and strange scents. A start to any good travel day is a good strong cup of coffee. One of the favorites in town is Cafe Spinnato, the oldest cafe in Palermo, established in 1860. I enjoyed my cappuccino with fresh squeezed orange juice and a freshly baked croissant . This seems to a good meeting place for locals and tourists alike. The coffee here is robust, smooth, with a high energy kick. Just like Palermo itself.

Located at Via Príncipe di Belmonte 107

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