20 🐟 fish and seafood antipasti at Viri Ku Ce in Scoglitti

The fishermen in Scoglitti, a southern Sicilian enclave on the Mediterranean Sea, bring in a daily haul of the freshest shrimp, squid, octopus, and all varieties of local fish. The place to try crudi (raw), marinated, and cooked seafood and fish is the restaurant Viri Ku Ce located in front of the wide beach. It is important to come hungry – the antipasti seem to just keep coming. It is one of those wonderful bargains in Sicily. We ordered the smallest version. It comes with 20 various antipasti, a bottle of local wine, water, and lemon granita for 40 Euro per person. The quality is high as well as the quantity. So enjoy your wine, and some of the freshest seafood on the southern Sicilian coast. Maybe grab a sun lounger later and take a little post lunch beach nap..

Via Riviera Lanterna 29, Scoglitti


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